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Date:2007-10-25 14:04

Well, I have grown up in the blog world and actually have my own non-LJ blog on my own server!

So come and visit me now at the ARIZONA KEOUGH blog!

Visit often!  Tell your friends! 

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Date:2004-11-10 21:57

I was in the Washington DC area over the weekend and travelled to Suffolk, VA for business in the middle of it all. I am pretty much sure that EVEN though it is generally pleasant weather and generally nice and scenic in the area, I am sure I don't want to live there. DC is a bit too plastic for me... I noticed this when I was having a drink in a bar and the husband of a couple beside me was very intoxicated and aggressively trying to swoon a sales pitch on a guy sitting next to him... government contractors of some type. The wife was irritated to no end, but she was no prize either... obviously flirting with the bartender while picking her teeth... ugh.

I took the past two days off and feel like I have barely gotten anything done. I just kind of relaxed and took a bit of me time.

Got a call today from my mentor Katha and she told me to email my recent resume to a Vice President she was meeting with. Evidently he has an opening for a Manager of a 3-plane flight department (all corporate jets) and needs someone soon. She recommended me, so we will see. Since it is located in CT, I'd have to move... and cost of living there is MUCH higher than here. I'd need a much better pay scale to make it worth it. Also, I have not heard of the company, so I am a bit skeptical.

Listening to a CD of Japanese flute... wow... I never thought I could be so relaxed by anything like this... its so alien, but so ethereal.

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Date:2004-11-01 22:23

Interesting day today...

Got in to work just in time to hear about the "debacle".

Background: My flight crew travels to about 120 cities a year and in each place they rent two minivans for the flight crew of 12 people. This is the only transportation they have at each city, so everyone goes to dinner in a group and whatnot. Sometimes after dinner some of the crew use it for other things like errands or to go to the local watering hole.

So my crew is in Atlanta this weekend and all is status quo. The group goes to dinner and two of the crew want to stay out a bit more... the others from the van they are going to use stuff themselves into the other van under the concern that the keys be left for them for the morning when they go to breakfast.

So after the two guys finish their night at the watering hole, they return and NOT thinking, they tape the keys to the hotel room door of the guys that want it in the AM. No, they didn't leave them at the front desk, no they didn't slide them under the door... they taped them to it. Upon waking up this morning, the crew was shocked to see that the keys... and the van, were both gone. Stolen. Rental car stolen in Atlanta.

Worst thing is that the passports of two of the crew were in the van as well as one guys complete wardrobe and his digital camera... all gone.

I had a significantly better day than they did I am sure!

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Date:2004-10-31 20:15

Well, Happy Halloween everyone!

Not that I am really celebrating... no parties for me here (no invites either, but no complaints either). I have been working on a new website for the better part of the day (and the last week). Right now my right arm is killing me from mouse strain, so I am going to call it a night for now.

Wanna see my progress? See it here: http://www.acone.org/v2

I have a board of directors meeting with the Aero Club of New England this week where I will be presenting this site in its more or less complete form. It is QUITE a change from the old website they have (see www.acone.org without the"/v2" at the end) and I am hoping this will give me some significant networking capacity and some portfolio kudos.

Wow, it's going to be a busy week... I have to finish the yearly newsletter for work, create the bi-weekly online newsletter for the same, prepare 3 sponsorship proposals, finish all the prepwork for the membership drive we are starting in January 2005, and prepare for the weekend meetings in Washington, DC for the B-17 Owner and Operators Co-op meeting at the new National Air & Space Museum. Phew!

Maybe, just maybe, I should go have myself a drink... no, wait, I don't want to get caught up in haloween costume hell, that would NOT be relaxing.

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Date:2004-10-31 09:07

Well, had another wonderful day of getting hurt on purpose again yesterday. I travel 2 hours to Portland, ME to allow someone to repeatedly stick me with needles (oh, about 400 million times that is) and get wrapped up in cellophane so I don't leak, and drive 2 hours home. I hate the drive home... can hardly move and its hard to move my arms when it pulls the irritated skin on my back... owwwie! Anyone care to be my driver for my appointments in Nov. and Dec.?

Anyhow, the results of yesterday can be found by clicking on this line (it's a link)!

Yeah, I look a bit bloated... I was sitting down and curling forward when the shot was taken. It's the remainder of my backpiece of Icarus' fall due to the fact he was flying to close to the sun. Daedalus, the father, is seen below him. This will all be colored in like the top part and the black will be much more subtle when it finishes healing this week. It will indeed probably take about 3-4 more sessions of 6 hours to finish... ouchie.

And yes, both my artist and I agree that Icarus looks strangely like David Hasselhoff... rock on!!

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Date:2004-09-20 20:24

This is my season.

I realized it tonight as I was driving home. I looked at the clock, noticed the early hour, and looked around as the world was enveloped in a deep dusk. As dark as the skin on a huckleberry, the crisp sky surrounded my car and made the twinkles of distant airliners look like floating grains of fairy dust caught by a playful zephyr. I was alone, yet in the company of thousands on the busy highway, yet I felt a soothing calm as I focused my eyes; not on the cars and disturbance in front of me, but on the horizon where the land met the dimming heavens and the future lie beyond them. My friend Autumn is back with me again.

Autumn makes me love the night again and it romances me through the winter. Summer nights are too fuzzy, sweaty, and full of bugs who know nothing of human enjoyment. Nights in July and August are like the closing hours at a dive bar--coming way too late to enjoy them and far long after the body shuts down from the drunken days of summer play. Autumn nights are perfect for listening to jazz and remembering my winter hobbies that will keep me entertained through the snowy season.

Nights from now on will be silent and contemplative for me. They will allow me to reflect a bit more on me and what is deep down. I look forward to the nights of a fresh snowfall with the big flakes still falling and being able to sit there in complete silence as the clatter of the world is absorbed into the fluffy carpet. I'll look up and see the flakes dropping out of the black sky and have the calm waft over me. It is so surreal seeing these pure white crystals falling out of that inky, black sky of a winter night.

On the other hand, I love walking through a fresh snowfall at night with a full moon overhead. Though it is night, you can see everything with the clarity of a raptor looking for his nightly meal.

I can't wait, let the leaves fall in their vibrant colors and bring the snow forthwith!

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Date:2004-09-16 22:34

Bad me...

So I just decided I'd go to a bar (Applebees if you must know) with friend and fellow roommate and lots of stuff was discussed. I succeeded in getting hammered on gin and tonic (bad) and had the first three cigarettes of my absence from over two years ago (triple bad) and now I feel downright groovy, but wicked stupefied.

It was fun though... the girl I pawned the smokes off was really cool and was as interesting to talk to as anyone... made me wish I was still in college so I could grasp the feeling of irresponsibility as I wish I had had during that time....

And Aighmeigh... if you read this... why the hell did we never set up that date to have coffee like we said we would when you were on this coast huh? Yikes!

This post probably makes no sense, but I really could care less... I just want to scream to the world "please love me!, I'm a nice guy!"


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Date:2004-09-12 21:45

This entry is brought to you by Mastercard...

Finally re-upped a paid account with LiveJournal just to feel legitimate again. I already see the server speed improvement... so $25 isn't a bad investment.

I am really worn down after the last few days. Saturday was my monthly free airplane rides for kids program at the Stow, MA airport, so I was up early and stayed there until 11. Then I headed an hour away to Plymouth, MA and went to a clam bake being held by a hush-hush aviators society (read fraternity) called QB (Quiet Birdmen) and had a good time talking with some of the local legends of aviation there. After that was done at 3 PM, I headed an hour North to Boston to pick up a pilot for the flight crew of the bombers I manage and then headed an hour and a half South to Providence, RI to drop him off. Stuck around there for a bit and watched the planes I work with fly for the evening "missions" and then headed off and had dinner and drinks with the crew. It was the beginning of the freebies there as I didn't pay for a single drink. We went back to the hotel and I tried to get a rollaway so I could just stay down there for the night and not have to spend two hours on the road to NH with a slight buzz. The night manager didn't have any rollaways, but had a crapload of unsold rooms... so she just gave me one of those for free! Yippee! With the knowledge of a free bed and no driving, I tempted some of the crew to return to the bar and we had a few for a night cap... again, I was treated to the drinks! I tried to buy a few rounds... that was not happening in their eyes. I always have a great time with the guys from the crew... wonderful conversations and good fun. They also represent a hell of a geographical diversity... we had guys from CA, CT, OH, FL, NY, and me from NH in the "posse" last night. Really cool.

What wasn't cool was the fact that beer gives me a hell of a hangover and I felt like hammered dung this morning. That wore off by 12 Noon, but it really screwed with my body. I feel really run down now and I fear I am getting a little cold.

Not feeling too reflective tonight... just really matter-of-fact actually. It's too bad too, this is one of the few free and clear nights I have this week to write and I am feeling way too under inspired.

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Date:2004-09-10 07:56

Just a quick update... to keep me on the path of the literate and righteous :-)

It is 7:45 AM and I have already been up for 3 hours and 45 minutes. I went to the Providence area yesterday to resupply the aircraft I manage and ended up staying there overnight. Why you ask? Well, only one of the two planes came in due to some really bad weather yesterday, and as a result, the crew was massively understaffed... so I had to help on that account. By 6 PM, it was determined that our co-pilot had to take a flight out at the crack of dawn the next morning (today) because his mother of 82 years old, lost her house due to Hurricane Francis and Ivan is coming within the next few days. He basically had to go there to get her and her remaining personal stuff out of Florida before this next one comes... she is frail enough. Since the remaining crew didn't have the transportation needed to get him to the airport, I volunteered to stay and get up and get him to the airport by 5 AM... thus I have been up since 4 AM.

But wait! I have to go BACK there tonight after work... why? Because I left my prized and precious leather jacket at Pizzeria Uno last night when we went to dinner... dammit. Oddly enough I had this omen last night at the hotel that was tempting me to go back there... I thought it was the craving of another drink after a long day and to talk to our waitress that noticed my tattoo peaking out of the top of my shirt (she must have been looking DOWN it because there wasn't an easy view) and proceeded to tell us about her full back tattoo... she was really quite interested in it, and I guess the reciprocal for me too... not often I find people with that kind of interest in the art that are somewhat approachable.

So I am home now, reading email, cleaning up after my unprepared overnight and 2 hour drive from Providence and getting ready for my hour drive to work and a full day there! Yee-haa!

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Date:2004-09-08 22:33

OK, I think I am ready for my report of the day. I think the hardest part of getting back into LJ is the actual act of sitting down and just writing... and not really caring how it turns out... just writing for the sake of writing.

My stomach is full of some odd combinations that I had for dinner. Since I had no time to eat lunch today (again) I bought a nice sushi snack for the drive home and didn't feel the need for a dinner I guess. I had a few nibbles of some brie I had and a small glass of soy milk to top it off, since I refuse to actually drink real milk anymore. Feh, I got my cholesterol dosage with the brie, so I don't feel bad or good I guess.

There is a slight twinge of a headache lingering in my brain now. It started about a half-hour ago as I was wrapping up Chapter 12 in "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance". I find myself getting "into" the book, but find the deep philosophical discussions to be a bit taxing on my softened adult brain. Like riding a bike after a long while, I have to slowly break back into it. I read in small bursts, re-read, and then try and test myself on the "what the hell did I just read?" question and then move on. Methodically I seem to get through a chapter a night, but that isn't much considering the chapters are fairly small. All this and I have to concentrate and make sure my mind doesn't wander off into thinking about sex, like it so often does... damn my gender!

Perhaps it wouldn't wander into that realm if only... nah, I'll leave that discussion for another time.

However, slightly aligned to that discussion, I will bring up that I am wearing a mens tank top right now. Now, this is a big thing for me... though to most it would be nothing. See, I have always had a poor self-concept of what I looked like with my shirt off or even showing my arms and slight chest and back that the tank-top does so well. Generally I felt that my out-of-shape body was a shame and so I frequently covered it with conservative polo shirts and other rather nerdy apparel. When I started getting tattooed in places (like my upper back) that could be shown off with the right clothes, I thought that it would spur me to be more daring with my clothing choices to allow casual peeps of the artwork I pay so much for in both money and pain (!). Alas, it is a longer road than I thought and I am only getting used to it in my own presence, in front of a computer for now. There has been occasion that I have worn one around the house in front of the roommate, but nothing out in the real world yet. Maybe with some more exercise, more sun, better diet, and continued meditation I can overcome the fear and maybe show off a bit.

Yes, I said meditation... I need some semblance of sanity these days.

Oh yeah, I mentioned the roommate thing above. Since I know this is not only a personal journal but also a broadcast to friends, I might as well mention that things between Sally and I got bad enough to make her move out and head to Manchester to live with a friend. I am still at the apartment I rented and luckily found a friend of mine from college to be in need of a place to crash. So now it is the Ryan and Margie D. show here in Nashua and things seem to be OK on that end. Sally and I are still seeing each other in the remains of our busy lives, but it seems more distant than ever. Time will tell.

OK, time to get to bed so I can wake up at 3 AM again... fun-de-doodles!

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Date:2004-09-08 03:31

Well, I am up at... oh, 3 AM on a "work" night... too many thoughts circling my brain... too much static from the frayed nerves to sleep. I'll sit here and spell a while with a lost friend... maybe some lost friends who thought I flew away.

I am listening to Loreena McKennitt... first time in more than, oh, about two years. Searching through my dusty MP3s I found a few of the more powerful songs that really used to get my emotions stirred... still do I guess as I am feeling it now. They all remind me of the Fall nights I spent in Connecticut and New Hampshire with a special person who changed me much more than she will ever know...

I feel like a witness to my own life more than an active participant as of late. I vaguely remember sitting in the bar of the local Crowne Plaza last week after an especially bad day and looked around at the company joining me there. I imagined who these people were when they were young and what they would look like before the world dragged them down. I saw the lonely guy who was a "regular" who seemed to only have his cell phone as a friend and the bartender as long as he kept buying the single malts from her. I saw the "breeze" of a mid-30s woman who came in alone, had one drink while nervously looking around for someone to talk to, then departed after nothing seemed to happen. I looked at the salesman from Chicago who had been on the road more than he was home... a vagabond without the romance of the jet-setting traveller. His frequent-flyer points collected in the bags under his eyes--could get free tickets to Paris or Rome but has no one to share it with--irony.

There were many more there, but he collective sadness was choking me. These people had lives at some point, but what made them turn to this? What stole the life from them? Intelligent conversation and lively debate had been lost to idle small-talk and endless staring at the televised Red Sox game.

I was sad for myself, I was on the cusp. I haven't been in school for more than 2 years and have done more or less the same job for that time. I try to read books, but get through the first 3 chapters and lose interest. I drove the people who cared for me away with my aggressive work ethic and my devotion to the bottom line and what mattered most has dried up. I am disinterested in the effort to maintain or improve my physical health or condition, though I find myself depressed when looking in the mirror. These are all the little conversations that are going through my brain and creating the static that has made me incapable of sleeping for such a long time.

Is this what is meant by "coming of age"? Adulthood seems so much less respectable than I ever thought. I could go into the entire lack of ritual in the modern age argument that theorized with my humanities professor in my Senior year, but I lack the passion to argue it.

Maybe I'll try to sleep again. Maybe.

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Date:2004-04-10 23:13

Keeping with my promise to write at least once a day, I am going to jot down a few things before I go to bed though I am extremely tired.

Today being Saturday, the last thing I wanted to do was get up at 6:30 AM to I could be in Stow at 8 AM for the first Young Eagle Rally of the season where my EAA Chapter gives free airplane rides to kids. I am the new coordinator and this was to be my first time... not good to sleep in. Got there at 8 AM and met shortly with the airport manager who I can tell from first impression is a bit odd... nice, but odd. The pilots and directors started filling in shortly after and I got to work helping to set up. Most of the materials for the rally hadn't been touched since the last rally in October, so the process was in a little disarray. Once things got cleaned up and I figured out what to do, it was really simple. The only problem was, hardly any kids showed up (10 total from 9 AM to Noon) and the wind was a real pain... really bumpy aloft and nearly impossible to manage papers in on the ground for registration. Not even good rocks were heavy enough to keep it down.

It wasn't a bad day overall though, and I was glad to do it. I now know what I need to do next month to get the kids out and how to make this a smooth-running event.

After the rally we had lunch at the Airfield Cafe, which was quite good, but pricey and the service was less than stellar to boot. One of the pilots, Nels, took me up after lunch and we flew for about 30 minutes. The wind made the flight fairly bumpy and the landing was hairy until he got on the ground... the flare and rollout was perfect once he got below the tree line where we were getting tossed about.

I drove home exhausted and tried to get a nap, but I got several cell calls that annoyed me a bit and a problem developed with one of my CA contacts for work. I tried to solve the problem, but it was one of those things that was beyond my control, so I have to deal with not being able to deal with it... its tough for me to do this because I feel like everything is my responsibility and I have control over it all. Not so in real life.

Sally cooked chicken kabobs for dinner and she baked cookies for the family outing tomorrow. I unfortunately, have been groggy since the nap and rather irritable. I listened to some music to calm me down a bit and now I am heading to bed at 11.

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Date:2004-04-09 23:59

OK, I am up late again... I shouldn't be, but I am.

Got up later again today at 7:30 AM. Forgot Ken wasn't going to be in the office today, so I rushed to get out the door to be to work at his time of 9 AM. On the way I listened to my new CD and FELL IN LOVE with the track "Great Escape" by BT (Carmen Rizzo Mix)... it is ethereal, jazzy, and has a great beat to boot. The vocals are typical downtempo female... but great nonetheless. I must have replayed it 4-5 times at full volume on the way. I was way too mellow by the time I got to work.

It was a good thing I was mellow... today was wicked busy and more than normal. Not fun when you are down one person. I had John and Frank from CT in the office as volunteers today and they helped a lot. I felt like my day was spent on the phone with my hands typing and my eyes reading other paperwork at the same time... ultimate multitasking. I got my ad for the Los Angeles area out on time and even got three cities worth of press kits done and sent. On top of that I even juggled some scheduling for flights and downstream volunteer scheduling. All without feeling stressed... due to the music.

I left work when all was done... just a little before 7:30 PM. Drove home while on the phone with dad (yes, I used a headset) and talked with him a little more than an hour. It was good to catch up. Right after I hung up, my friend Rob from Maine called and we talked for about an hour... I was sick of the phone by the end of that one. Sally came home and crashed into bed from sheer exhaustion right after that. She is working insane shifts at FedEx, but seems to enjoy it a lot better than the dental lab.

Wrapping up my day, I am checking through my normal websites, updating the LJ, and chatting with my friend Leanne on IM for a bit. Tomorrow morning is an early one... need to be in Stow at 8 AM for the Young Eagles rally. I hope the weather is good and some kids show up... I want to give kids a free airplane ride!

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Date:2004-04-08 23:02

Today was really just a blur... I have no idea what really happened honestly. I got up at 7:30 I think and blindly maneuvered through the house doing my morning things like the shower and shave. I shaved my thigh today... and proudly I will admit that because the tattoo looks better without hair and dull dry skin buildup. I faced some really frustrating traffic on route three and on Westford Road... luckily I had my Golden French Toast flavor coffee from the On The Run in Tyngsboro to keep me going.

Got to work and Ken was already there. His fiancee Jenn was there too to see him off... today was their 4th anniversary and he was leaving for PA for Easter. She left after five or six minutes and was replaced in the office by my bosses dog which had just taken a dip in the smelly pond chasing the geese on the property... smelly hairy dog.

The normal workload followed and I once again was adrift in a sea of things to juggle with a phone that was constantly ringing. Luckily I got one major thing done at the end of the day... I actually fixed a major problem with the Access database I developed in the office from scratch and was able to convert it from a one-off database to a fully portable, multi-workstation resource that everyone in the office can hold rights to. It may sound like a tiny thing, but this was a major accomplishment for me I think.

Left work at 6:45 and came home via Barnes and Noble. Got a cafe latte with an extra shot and browsed for a bit. Grabbed a new downtempo cd that I took a fancy to and used my B&N member card for the 10% off... I have to justify it somehow.

Just watched the Apprentice tonight... won't let anything out for those who haven't seen it though. I am not proud that I have been sucked into a TV program and a fad show at that. I remember when Survivor came out and everyone was hooked on it... I was so critical of them at that time... mindless morons I thought. Well, here I am doing the same as they were and justifying it based on the fact it is a career and business success related show. I admit that most of the "tasks" were pretty set-up, lame, and overly dramatic and the interpersonal relationships on the show were needlessly "Trumped" up (excuse the pun), but it still seemed entertaining in the end. I know one thing... it has, to a certain extent, given me a newfound respect for Donald Trump. I still think he has a hell of an ego and is way too confident and "demi-god" like in character in public life, but there is a certain likability to him after a while... when the human side peeks through.

Well, I have to read off my caffene buzz from the latte before bed.

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Date:2004-04-07 22:36

Left work a bit early at 5:30 today and got home around six after fighting the wonderful traffic on 495. I find that I enjoy staying later because I get home quicker and simpler... less traffic overall. Consumed my daily intake of news on the way home in listening to NPR, which was covering tomorrows 9/11 commission questioning of Dr. Rice. I am interested to see how it turns out... I am casting an unbiased mind to the news and to the political happenings these days, so the jury is always out in my mind.

Got home for dinner and came in to Nate (my roommate other than Sally) and his girlfriend packing stuff. He is moving out as of the 23rd when his condo closes and he can move in. Sally and I will be staying until May 22nd when we can start moving in to our new apartment at Forest Ridge. I lived for a summer at Forest Ridge and much preferred them to where we are now at Somerset. We ended up getting a really nice woods facing 3rd floor 2 BR with a deck, so it'll be much better than here. We just got the approval yesterday in fact.

Spent some time talking with Sally and just spending some good time with her. She works at FedEx now and so I don't see her as much as I used to. She's in bed now because she needs to get up at 3 AM and I'll be popping in there soon myself.

Not much else is going on tonight. I am feeling a bit tired and bored. Maybe I should get up early tomorrow and get some stuff done in the AM... that always makes me feel good.

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Date:2004-04-07 08:18

Just got up at 7:40. Not much physically happened since last nights update other than my shower this AM, but I have some lingering thoughts to put down.

First is my dream last night. Nothing really odd, but it went like this: I was at an airport that looked exactly like my elementary school. I was with a pilot/owner that was modeled after one of our more colorful pilots at work. Scenes there included trying to find allen wrenches to install some radio or the like, only to find them under the dashboard among countless tubes and jars of Vaseline. In the end there was not enough time to install so we moved (or flew I figure) to scene two which took place at his home airport that looked a lot like my grandmothers backyard. There I spotted a biplane I had never seen overhead that looked like the bad combination of an airplane and an orange farm tractor... when asked what it was, I was stumped (doesn't happen much when it comes to airplane ID-ing), but obviously I was stumped, it was a dream. Scene three saw the pilot/owner wanting to take pictures of his new business jet (a Raytheon Premier) and he and his son getting up on ladders to do so. Just when they reached the top, shots were fired from some sort of sniper from the woods and they both fell... neither seemed to be hurt badly, but that's where the dream ended.

Through my shower this AM I have had the Cyndi Lauper song "True Colors" stuck in my head... I hate that song. In the 3rd grade my class was chosen to learn that song in sign language for us to perform at NTID (Nat'l Tech. Inst. for the Deaf) in Rochester for the students there. We heard that song like 8 times a day for 4 months straight... worse than radio play in my opinion. Don't get me started about "Somewhere Out There" from the movie "An American Tail"... that was the song in the next school year.

In the shower I noticed I am growing quite the bushy eyebrows. Some strands when they get wet and messy look to be nearly an inch long. I am estimating that, untreated, these eyebrows will make me look like either Andy Rooney or a Russian cab driver in a mere three weeks time.

Off to work now. It is 8:18 AM.

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Date:2004-04-06 21:37

Left work around 6:00 PM and headed home after a long and rather busy day. Stopped with Sally at Shaws Market for groceries on the way home and spent about a half-hour there. Headed home and Sally cooked dinner--dry-rub onion beef tips and brussels sprouts (my first time eating sprouts). The beef tips were wonderful, but I don't know about the sprouts--a bit bitter and too crunchy for my tastes.

My short night has been wrapped up with emailing about 30 school teachers and administrators with the following message for the young eagles program:

Dear (recipient),

Experimental Aviation Association Chapter 196 of Stow, MA would like to invite students, parents, and faculty and staff of Florence Sawyer School to our 2004 Young Eagles program being held the second Saturday of each month at Minuteman Air Field in Stow, MA. In this 100th year of powered flight, we are hoping the Young Eagles program may add interest to those teaching about the Wright Brothers and aviation in their curriculum. Please pass this information along to those teachers and students that you feel may find it useful and/or interesting. Thank you for your time.

EAA 196 2004 Young Eagles Program


In commemoration of the 100th Anniversary of Powered Flight, The Experimental Aviation Association (EAA) Chapter 196 of Stow, MA invites young people to �Reach for the Skies� at the Minuteman Airport in Stow, MA this summer!

Every second Saturday of the month throughout the Spring, Summer, and Fall, EAA Chapter 196 offers free airplane rides to youths age 8 through 17 as part of the Young Eagles Program: a nationwide program sponsored by the EAA Aviation Foundation to welcome young people into the world of aviation. Through this program children are offered a safe and enjoyable flight that gives them new perspectives on the world and life in general. Participation in the Young Eagles program will help them understand that an individual's potential is unlimited.

Flights begin at 9:00 AM and registration ends at 12 Noon. Flights originate from Minuteman Air Field on Boxboro Road in Stow, MA. Registration takes place beside the main airport building and Nancy�s Airfield Caf�. The 2004 schedule is as follows:

April 10 -- 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon

May 8 -- 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon

June 12 -- 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon

July 10 -- 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon

August 14 -- 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon

September 11 -- 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon

October 9 -- 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon

November 13 -- 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon

Once registered, Young Eagles are given the opportunity to fly in a private airplane with a qualified pilot. It's safe. It's fun. It's free!. And it's fantastic! At the end of the flight Young Eagles will also receive an official Young Eagle certificate and their name will be entered in the World's Largest Logbook located at EAA Headquarters in Oshkosh, WI!

The EAA is an international aviation membership association founded in 1953. More than 170,000 people belong to the EAA, with Chapters in all 50 states and many countries. Members are aviation enthusiasts of every age group, including many airline and commercial pilots, engineers, business people, even astronauts. They enjoy all types of airplanes. The Young Eagles Program is sponsored by the EAA Aviation Foundation, a charitable non-profit organization dedicated to the discovery and fulfillment of individual potential through personal flight. The Young Eagles program has given over one million young people the opportunity to fly.

For more information on the EAA Chapter 196 Young Eagles program, please visit http://www.eaa196.org/eagles.htm or email youngeagles@eaa196.org.

Best regards,
Ryan Keough
EAA Chapter 196 Young Eagles Coordinator

---That's my night thus far... I am heading to bed. Still sore!

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Date:2004-04-06 14:29

Up late today at around 8 AM as I was really tired from last nights outing at the gym. Jumped out of bed and showered in record time. Sally came home from FedEx and waited for me to get ready as she was driving to work today with me. She left the dental lab and now will be working for the gardener here in Stow that maintains the Collings' property, so she can drive in with me. Dropped off the late rent check after depositing the money at the bank only minutes before. Got to work at around 9:30 and started right in. Working on the Young Eagles invitations now for the Young Eagles rally this weekend (see www.eaa196.org) to get kids 8-17 the opportunity to fly for free!

Its been fairly hectic at work this morning: lots of calls and many tasks. Hope I can get everything done!

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Date:2004-04-05 23:00

Stopped at DWC for coffee and meeting with Catherine Butler in ITS regarding some graphic retouch of some elements of the new Daniel Webster College website (I developed the new concept for the site and did all graphic design work... www.dwc.edu). Called Forest Ridge Apartments on the way to work, but no answer yet if we got approved for the apartment. Got to work at 10:00 AM and forwarded the Roswell, NM logistics info to the crew chief. Aircraft arrived in Roswell from Dallas at around 1:00 EDT. B-17 stopped in Lubbock, TX as precaution with line of T-Storms ahead. Worked on LA Times ad campaign and negotiated a better non-profit rate... still need to go lower though. Sent Phoenix, AZ press bulletins via email and fax... 80+ media outlets covered. Spoke to Tucson organizer and worked on setting up the fax and email broadcast for tomorrow. Rec'd the Ocean City, MD contract and deposited check.

Left work at 7:00 PM and listened to a rarely played downtempo collection CD on the way home and fell in love with some new mixes. I feel that my mood has switched a lot to the better over the past few days to have this happen... the first listen several months ago didn't leave me with much, today however...

Arrived at the gym at 7:45 and changed. DWC acquaintance Dave Regensburger (now Dave Alexander) is the night manager and caught up with him for a few minutes. He is married with 3 children and may be moving to Florida or Israel in the next year. He sounds well and happy. Worked out for a full hour... 18 min on elliptical, 10 min reverse on the elliptical, 10 minutes on the treadmill, and 5 minutes on the ergometer. Was feeling lightheaded, so I took longer breaks between. Fear Factor was on the TVs in the cardio room and was surprised to see a known bodyart personality, Masuimi, competing. She is a fairly heavily tattooed fireeater and contortionist and can be found in a few books of mine here.

Came home and cooked a spot of dinner. Felt like scrambled eggs, so that's what I had... while watching the food channel, a crime. Sally is housesitting for her friend in Hopkinton, NH tonight, so the cat and I have the apartment to ourselves.

I have to prepare for the Young Eagles rally I am leading this Saturday in Stow tomorrow by printing flyers and posting in Stow. Additionally I'd like to email all the technology teachers in the area in Middle and High schools and let them know we are giving free airplane rides to kids 8-17 as part of the rally. I hope the weather turns out to be good for it.

11:00 PM... time for bed (a little late for my taste tonight)

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Date:2004-04-05 06:58

Started the morning at 3:00 AM. Worked on DWC website images and updated the menus for about an hour and finished just as Sally came home from work at FedEx. Went downstairs and had breakfast and tea while reading for about 45 min in the "Seven Habits of Highly Effective People". Came back upstairs and took a shower. Noticed that the wind is blowing and the temp is a mere 40 degrees. Decided to wear my blue buckskin shirt and my darker Orvis rhinohide pants to keep warm today. My weight is at 199 lbs right on the noggin.

After work today I am going to start back at the gym. I am making a short term goal to go at least once a day, no matter if it is for 15 min or an hour and a half. If I am to make my long term goal of losing 50 lbs (40 as of today at 199) by Sept., I must start somewhere. Reap what you sow... farmers can't dawdle and not plant or care for crop all summer and expect to get a good harvest. Same for me.

My other short term goal is to document my life here twice daily. Once to note what I did in the AM and what I am doing for the day, and once to recap the day. Neither will be longwinded or using flowery language... I just want to remember what I did.

My goals for the day: Send my press release for the Young Eagles program this weekend to the newspapers in the area. I need to also finalize the flyer to hang up in local businesses. I will write the Southern CA press releases for CF today and assemble the press kits I have been procrastinating to do. I will compose the eNewsletter for work that is due today. I will assign the task of finding oil for the crew to Ken today. This evening I will go to the gym, work on the list serv for CF, and start some work on the ACONE website.

More later.

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